The City as a Journey, or a Project?

For anyone interested in cities or urban studies, know this: the ‘city’ you have in your head, the one you think you’re living, breathing, existing in, is different from that in my mind, or anyone else talking to you, telling you about what they think a city is capable of, and what it does from day to day. This includes academics – not least esteemed urban sociologists and policy researchers from Goldsmiths and Harvard. We’re living in the same, different place. Continue reading


Landfall – creating an alternative for cross-cultural empathy

The word ‘migration’ is a highly visual one, evoking images of dark, suffocating ships, barb-wire borders and the harsh gaze of xenophobic populations. In contrast, the world ‘movement’ is highly kinesthetic, conjuring scenes of dance and rhythm, suggesting fluidity, freedom and creativity. This is not an aesthetic article, nor is it political; it will attempt, instead to watch and listen – through the Museum of London Docklands exhibition, LandFall – to the very real ways human beings remember, experience and dream about migration and movement. Continue reading

Is Singapore Hungry? – A Project Perk Discussion

Written for The Kent Ridge Common

Hunger in Singapore was the red-hot issue at the very first Project Perk discussion, organized by the Democratic Socialist Club at the Central Library’s Perk Point. The session was moderated by Ms. Heather Chi, a local food activist from youth group Food for All and was attended by some fifteen undergraduates from different walks of life. Continue reading